The high-throughput computing solution for discovery.

Simplifying complex data analysis pipelines in pharma and biomedicine.

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Nextflow is a workflow orchestrator for writing and deploying data-intensive pipelines. It simplifies the use of cloud and cluster infrastructure to enable the analysis of massive biomedical datasets.

Developed since 2014 and backed by a fast-growing community, the Nextflow ecosystem is made up of users and developers across academia, government and industry.

The unified solution for large scale biomedical analyses.

Monitor, manage and deploy data analysis pipelines from a centralized command-post. Forget about cloud migration, scaling-up or being locked-in.

By bringing the best in modern software practices to data analysis, Tower enables actionable insights from massive chemical, genomic and behavioral datasets.

Innovate faster by eliminating the need to manage complex compute infrastructure. Teams can focus on their core competencies and deliver validated results.

End-to-end solutions for rapid discovery.

Helping clients to make sense of their data to speed up development and reduce regulatory burden.

We are committed to solving for a world where 'omics technologies, large-scale analysis and cloud computing come together for positive change.

Enterprise expertise & support.

Providing teams with the confidence required mission critical pipelines.

Seqera provides support and maintenance updates for organizations running production applications and critical analysis workloads.

Nextflow Expertise

For support, long-term maintenance, custom integrations and deployments.

  • Maintenance releases
  • Bug fixes up to 2 years old stable release
  • Unlimited Support Incidents
  • Private Issue tracking
  • Private support channel
  • Phone/Video support
  • Application code review
  • SLA: same business day
  • Enterprise extensions package
  • Available with Nextflow Tower

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Learn from the source.

We organize training events for your team or organization. These are intended for anyone who wishes to learn about the technology, starting from basic through to advanced concepts.

The most popular intensive two-day course includes topics on containerization, cloud deployment, Git integration and best practices for reproducibility. Talks, demonstrations and hands-on sessions foster maximum learning with the minimum of time.

- Our Story -

We started Nextflow frustrated with the challenge of developing and sharing analysis pipelines across infrastructure. By envisioning the rise of cloud, containers and by prioritizing a seamless user experience, we grew the project from inception to thousands of active users.

Seqera Labs was formed in context, with the hope of putting a dent in the enormous challenges that still exist in health and life sciences. We aim to achieve this by continuing to deliver high quality, highly scalable, robust technology solutions with a human touch.


Paolo Di Tommaso

Co-director & Co-founder
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Evan Floden

Co-director & Co-founder
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Jen Harrow

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Cedric Notredame

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